Museum Makers brings
together two of Australia's leading natural history preparators

Dean Smith &
Ewin Wood

Taxidermy, lifelike habitat recreations, model and mould-making are among their specialities.
With over 60 years’ experience, their extensive body of work is admired at distinguished institutions including Melbourne Museum and the National Museum Australia.

Their passion and skills blend art and science to create enduring exhibits.

A history of service
and support

Developed from a time-honoured line of museum preparators, technicians and tradespeople, Dean and Ewin expertly combine traditional and current methods to support museums, science, conservation and education institutions, visitor centres, artists and individuals.

We produce your items in our fully equipped studio workshop, with an extensive toolkit and experienced hand we will install on-site. Ask Museum Makers to support your next project.

Learn from over 60 years of experience

Dean and Ewin invite you to share in their rich store of knowledge.

Workshops and presentations include taxidermy, moulding and casting, and museum preparation techniques. Held throughout the year in our Castlemaine studio they are suitable for beginners or more advanced students.

Museum Makers also provide custom-made workshops and presentations for students of museum studies, fine arts, science and for industry professionals.